COVID-19 Vaccine News

Vaccine Distribution

Our office is encouraging COVID-19 vaccination as an important tool against the pandemic.  We believe that for the vast majority of eligible individuals, it is a safer alternative than risking COVID-19 infection.

For patients with acute COVID-19 infection, we are also at the forefront in offering the same outpatient treatment trial sponsored by the National Institutes of Health (NIH) which is available at leading academic institutions throughout the country.  Our currently established patients are prioritized for our allotted vaccine, but the clinical trial for the treatment of acute illness is available to anyone with acute COVID-19 infection that meets criteria.

The administration of COVID-19 vaccines is creating significant logistical challenges for everyone. Our office will be administering vaccines following the guidance from the Wisconsin Department of Health Services (DHS) and the CDC. Those instructions are evolving and changing week to week. We have received and administered the vaccine to our Tier 1A patients successfully. We expect to receive the vaccine for the next phase in the near future.

We Understand You May Have Questions

Unfortunately, we are unable to continue to address the flood of individual phone calls that the COVID-19 vaccine program is generating. As you may imagine, we do not have the resources to address all the questions, and also to provide ongoing care to our patients.

The Wisconsin DHS has a weekly newsletter to provide updates on COVID-19 response and vaccine rollout in Wisconsin. The objective of the newsletter is to better communicate directly with the public, and we encourage everyone to sign up to receive the newsletter every Friday.  Registration is now open, and archived copies of the weekly newsletter are also available.

DHS and CDC have stated that the upcoming distribution phases will be based on various criteria including occupation. We will use our web site to post links about that information, and our local vaccine availability.

ONE OF OUR TEAM MEMBERS will call each one of our patients who meet criteria for each tiered group for a vaccine administration appointment when we have the vaccine supply on hand.

We appreciate your patience as we work to address this crisis.

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